Monday, August 27, 2012

Fall into jeans

I am ready for fall.  Which is rough for me, since I live in hell, otherwise know as Phoenix, AZ and it's August 27th and supposed to be 104 today.  But I'm still ready...

So this weekend, I got out my favorite jeans.  Skinny - no, dark - no, high fashion - hardly...

They are threadbare, ripped (the old fashioned way, I earned them) and worn.  The bottoms at the back are half gone from wearing them with flats while they should have been worn with heels, they have a hole on one leg and a well deserved tear on the other that gets larger every time I bend my knee. If you get to too close they may explode.  They are amazingly soft.  I've replaced the metal button...twice.

They are my Lucky jeans, literally and figuratively.  They've been with me thru good times and bad. Thru falls at football pre-games and house painting. Through tears of joy and sadness.  Through 10 pounds up and down.

I've tried to replace them, even so much as gone out to buy other pairs of jeans to be my weekend go-to jeans. But I can't bare to throw them out, or rather won't.

This weekend I wore them with one of my favorite comfy t-shirts in a soft yellow.  I can hardly wait to wear them with my tobacco turtle neck and boots. Come on October...

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