Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Never say Never, unless it doesn't count!

My Mother always, and I mean ALWAYS told me, "Never say never...".  Of course, I thought that mostly applied to other people as did other rules.

I have always been one of those dress up and look "the part" kind of people even when I go to the grocery store.    Drives me cRaZy when I see people wearing pajama pants with their obviously uncombed hair wound up in a 1980's scrunchy, manuevering their cart down the aisles of Kroger.  *shiver*

I would "NEVER" go out in public without make-up! I agree with Stacy & Clinton that Yoga pants belong in the gym (or at home). Although I have to agree that they are certainly more comfortable than my Joe's jeans.

I have to admit though I do cheat a little on the make-up part thanks to my dear friend Tina and her giving me permanent eyeliner and eyebrows.  She does make my morning make-up routine much easier. 

Well, yesterday I found myself making a decision of do I leave the house without make-up or ????

I have recently moved to a new state and I desperately needed to get my hair done.  It's been almost 2 months! GASP!  So I called a salon that came highly recommended to see when I could get in and they had a cancellation and could get me in - RIGHT THEN. 

My mind was like a 50's bad cartoon swirling with all of these wierd things all because I wasn't dressed yet.  "I really need to get my hair done" "But you aren't dressed yet" "You have grey hair showing" "But I have no makeup on". I think there were robots and spirals and shooting stars too. I finally took a deep breath and said "OK, I need to throw on some clothes and I'll be there."

So, I ran in my room, took off the yoga pants, threw on a pair of jeans and t-shirt, ran a brush through my hair, thanked Tina outloud for my permanent make-up. (Don't know if she heard, since she lives two states away now) and of course threw on a bracelet. Hey, I had to be accessorized, I'm not an animal.

When I got there, no one looked at me like I had three heads (or one head with no make-up and just brushed hair) or even seemed to noticed that I had a small heart attack for not being "put together".

I got my hair done and it looked great!  I felt so much better.  I thanked them with a large check and went home and promptly put on mascera!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

You can't be in pain, you wear make-up

Stand up straight, suck it up, act responsible, always look and do your best, don't run with scissors, stop aggravating your brother...oh wait - those last two probably don't belong on this topic. But I did hear those a lot too.

Growing up in a type-A, military veteran household comes with certain, shall we say, requirements. We got up on time and EARLY, we had breakfast every morning, we went to school, every day (regardless of how we felt), we may not have had many clothes to wear, but we always looked put together and we were never late.  That gets grilled in your brain after so many years.  Especially, the get your butt up and get to school, I don't care what you feel like.  It's important!!

So fast forward into grownup life, I have always been a responsible adult and been on time, made sure I looked put-together, no matter how crappy I felt.  As my health has deteriorated, I have missed more work than I would have liked, but surgeons tend to frown on you returning to work before they say it's OK.

There are days when the thought of taking the time and feeling the pain of doing my hair and makeup literally makes me sick. But that's just the way I was raised.  So I always just set my alarm 1 or 2 hours early to make sure I can get myself "purtied up".  Plus, it really does make me feel better when I look in the mirror. 
What ticks me off, is when people think because my hair has been blown dry and I have mascera and eyeshadow on, that I am feeling good.  "Well, she can put on make-up..." OMG!  Really?

OK, here's my rant on that.  You know what?  I could choose to wear sweat pants and slippers in public, but I don't because I think it takes just as much time to put on regular pants and shoes, unless of course I am going to the gym! I choose to take the time and go thru the pain to make myself look better.  Don't judge.  Trust me, you don't want me coming in your office with no makeup, sweat pants and a ponytail.

My fashion style won't be guided by my pain and health, because that is MY choice. Just like, "Hey, what black shoes do I want to wear?"  That's why I have so many pairs of black shoes!!  Unfortunately, the 6" black patent numbers are gonna have to wait until I recover from my upcoming hip surgery.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sorry pantry, I have a date tonight.

So with my maladies come many frustrations.  It is becoming increasing difficult to do the simplest of things.  Things you don't regard as normally being painful, like brushing your teeth.  "Wait a minute", I hear you thinking.  "Isn't it your hip and back that is all afoul?"  Yep, and I have learned that I have some pretty amazing "hip action" with my teeth brushing, including the ever popular leaning over the sink as not to drool.  OW! Not for the faint of heart.

So, this morning I was telling my dear husband that I was going to attack our pantry today and clear out the expired items in there and wipe down shelves.  This came to light after I bit down on a cracker last night that literally expired in 2006. As a side note, I highly do NOT recommend that! Totally jacked up the lovely aroma and flavor of the american cheese.  I can hear Martha Stewart throwing up a little in her mouth right now.

Hubby says, "I think that's a bad idea." Perplexed, I looked at him and asked why and he said, well we do have plans tonight.  So, it has come to this.  I have to schedule my chores around  my social life and vice versa.  A trip to the grocery store takes me down for at least a day. I cleaned the bathroom a few weeks ago and was laid up for 3 days.  I am now restricted from lifting a sponge.

Although I feel terrible for my husband who is picking up the slack for me being so broken down and love him ever so much for doing so.  Especially, since I have lost my job, he travels at least 60% of the month - things get pretty, shall we say tricky.

So, I was wondering - anyone wanna do lunch? I'll just take a nap afterwards. The pantry can wait.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Karma and the Recliner

When I was dating my husband and I went to his "bachelor pad" for the first time. Of course, I was a little nervous because I was going to his apartment for the first time. 
We walked in and I saw a very typical bachelor pad.  You  know, inherited living room furniture, including the orange floral sofa and a flaming orange "barco-lounger" recliner. ACK!! There were some other very nice things, including black lacquer bedroom furniture.  (Insert mood music here)  Bow chica.....
Still, hard to get that recliner out of my head!
Fast forward a few months after we were engaged and moved in together.  Guess what was the first item up for discussion in the "So, what should we get rid of" discussion??
Sorry, I have always hated recliners, they just have that RECLINER look to them.
Every few years, the topic of getting new furniture would come up and again my dear hubby would say, "Recliner?"
"NO!", I would reply ever so sweetly.  For those who know me, you know that is the truth.  For those who don't, please refer to the title of the blog.
Well, Ms. Karma has come to live with us this year and she brought a frickin' recliner.  Not just a regular recliner.  Oh no!  My happy butt has gotten so weak with my broken down hip and back that I can't maintain sitting in a regular chair now.  And I don't have the strength in my hips and back to close a regular recliner.  So not only did we have to get a RECLINER for Ms. Karma, we had to get the Bitch a Dual Power Leather recliner!

Hope you are happy and comfortable, Karma!