Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Never say Never, unless it doesn't count!

My Mother always, and I mean ALWAYS told me, "Never say never...".  Of course, I thought that mostly applied to other people as did other rules.

I have always been one of those dress up and look "the part" kind of people even when I go to the grocery store.    Drives me cRaZy when I see people wearing pajama pants with their obviously uncombed hair wound up in a 1980's scrunchy, manuevering their cart down the aisles of Kroger.  *shiver*

I would "NEVER" go out in public without make-up! I agree with Stacy & Clinton that Yoga pants belong in the gym (or at home). Although I have to agree that they are certainly more comfortable than my Joe's jeans.

I have to admit though I do cheat a little on the make-up part thanks to my dear friend Tina and her giving me permanent eyeliner and eyebrows.  She does make my morning make-up routine much easier. 

Well, yesterday I found myself making a decision of do I leave the house without make-up or ????

I have recently moved to a new state and I desperately needed to get my hair done.  It's been almost 2 months! GASP!  So I called a salon that came highly recommended to see when I could get in and they had a cancellation and could get me in - RIGHT THEN. 

My mind was like a 50's bad cartoon swirling with all of these wierd things all because I wasn't dressed yet.  "I really need to get my hair done" "But you aren't dressed yet" "You have grey hair showing" "But I have no makeup on". I think there were robots and spirals and shooting stars too. I finally took a deep breath and said "OK, I need to throw on some clothes and I'll be there."

So, I ran in my room, took off the yoga pants, threw on a pair of jeans and t-shirt, ran a brush through my hair, thanked Tina outloud for my permanent make-up. (Don't know if she heard, since she lives two states away now) and of course threw on a bracelet. Hey, I had to be accessorized, I'm not an animal.

When I got there, no one looked at me like I had three heads (or one head with no make-up and just brushed hair) or even seemed to noticed that I had a small heart attack for not being "put together".

I got my hair done and it looked great!  I felt so much better.  I thanked them with a large check and went home and promptly put on mascera!

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