Friday, January 14, 2011

Sorry pantry, I have a date tonight.

So with my maladies come many frustrations.  It is becoming increasing difficult to do the simplest of things.  Things you don't regard as normally being painful, like brushing your teeth.  "Wait a minute", I hear you thinking.  "Isn't it your hip and back that is all afoul?"  Yep, and I have learned that I have some pretty amazing "hip action" with my teeth brushing, including the ever popular leaning over the sink as not to drool.  OW! Not for the faint of heart.

So, this morning I was telling my dear husband that I was going to attack our pantry today and clear out the expired items in there and wipe down shelves.  This came to light after I bit down on a cracker last night that literally expired in 2006. As a side note, I highly do NOT recommend that! Totally jacked up the lovely aroma and flavor of the american cheese.  I can hear Martha Stewart throwing up a little in her mouth right now.

Hubby says, "I think that's a bad idea." Perplexed, I looked at him and asked why and he said, well we do have plans tonight.  So, it has come to this.  I have to schedule my chores around  my social life and vice versa.  A trip to the grocery store takes me down for at least a day. I cleaned the bathroom a few weeks ago and was laid up for 3 days.  I am now restricted from lifting a sponge.

Although I feel terrible for my husband who is picking up the slack for me being so broken down and love him ever so much for doing so.  Especially, since I have lost my job, he travels at least 60% of the month - things get pretty, shall we say tricky.

So, I was wondering - anyone wanna do lunch? I'll just take a nap afterwards. The pantry can wait.

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  1. I'll sell a piece of furniture a week just to have lunch with you! :) I love that safeway will deliver groceries. Saved me trips to the grocery store way to many times.