Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My first VoxBox!!

So, I have to say I was pretty excited when Influenster asked me to be a reviewer of their beauty box - the VoxBox!  I got it the other day and it was like opening a present!

So, ya wanna know what I got?!  I know you do!! There were some great items, including some full size items.  Read on for my reviews of some of the products!!
 I'm going to give you my thoughts on the products as I use them and show you some pics to give you some ideas of what the products did for me.  Maybe you'll want to try some of these yourself!!
So, the first up is the Slatkin & Co. candle from Bath and Body Works in Cider Lane:
So, I have to admit, I'm not a food or holiday scent kinda gal, so I was wary about this. However, I was very pleasantly surprised!  Firstly, the scent was not overpowering, which was nice.  It was a nice mix of apple cider, caramel and cinnamon. It kind of reminded me of a salted caramel apple...yum.

Next, I tried the Goody spin pins.  I was sent the pins in a dark hair color and I'm blond, but what the heck! So, it was housecleaning day...good day to put my hair up!  
My hair is not only blond, but it also very fine, so the spin pins were too big for my bun and they stuck out of sides of the bun.  They did have excellent staying power!! Just another reason for me to keeping wishing for thicker hair!! They were very easy to use.  Just make a quick low pony tail and twist it into a bun then stick the spin pin in and twist it into the bun - super simple! If my hair would hide these, I'd use them again and again.

On date night, I decided to try a couple more products when I went out with my guy. The first that I tried was another hair product.  The Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves.
As you can tell, my hair is NOT curly!  This is a curl defining cream for curly hair.  But I wanted to see how it would handle my waves.  I use "beach spray" products frequently, so I thought this might have a similar effect.  It is a thick white "gluey" liquid that you put all through your hair, root to tip. Then blow dry upside down while scrunching. It kept the flyaways down, but it also kept the waves at a minimum.  Honestly, if I was looking for waves, I'd go back to a beach spray. But in all fairness, this is a product for curly hair.
The Individualeyes eyeshadow palette by NYC was pretty great!  Not only did it have four great blend-able colors in the grey family, it also had a great eyeshadow base that had some awesome staying power and a hi-lighter for some great glow! It could also be used for cheekbones too! It had your standard sponge applicator. The color payoff was really good and there really wasn't that much flake off.  The color lasted all night long and I did not have one crease. I really liked this product and will use this a lot!

The last product to talk about at this time is the Vitabath Fragrance Mist in Green Tea & Sage
I love having a "weekend" fragrance.  One that is casual and I can just spritz on with abandon! This has a lovely spicy, clean scent that is light and certainly not overbearing.  It is also a moisturizing spray and has antioxidants and the superfruits, acai and mangosteen!  What perfume do your currently wear that can say that?! It's nice to come home after work and spritz this on as an afternoon refresher too!

I'll keep you posted as I get to try out the rest of my Influenster VoxBox!!!  

*I received these products for free, for testing purposes.

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  1. The goody spin pins are my absolute favorite! I'll have to give the Vitabath a try :-)